For many the family is the most important factor in their lives, hence, the breakup of the family unit is not easy and for many the most difficult experiences they will go through.

This is made more difficult by the ever growing complexity in the law that governs family breakups, particularly in division of property and arrangement for the children of the relationship.

We understand this, and aim to assist our client’s to navigate their way through the quagmire of a family breaking up. Our aim is to work with the client, to resolve the dispute and achieve a satisfactory outcome, as early as possible, without the need for Court involvement.

Where the parties cannot reach an agreement, we advise on and provide representation in Court, again, at all stages we work tirelessly to bring the matter to a satisfactory conclusion preferably by way of a settlement or ultimately by Trial.

Our services include, children and parenting orders, property division, spousal maintenance, restraining orders and divorce.

The precise work that will need to be carried out and the cost in family law proceedings, like any other court proceedings is difficult to predict, however, to ease the financial pain on client’s, we offer a number of our services on a fixed price basis, including, divorce applications and consent orders.

If you wish to discuss what we can offer, please contact us to discuss your matter and how we can be of assistance.