Who We Want to Help

Appius Lawyers assists small to medium businesses with legal risk management. If you want contracts or leases reviewed, solicitor’s certificates, or an in-house lawyer service, without the burden of engaging an in house lawyer, please contact Appius Lawyers. We partner with businesses so that both you and Appius Lawyers can flourish together. Based on this partnership, we align our interests and prosper together.

Our Goals

Leaving a legacy of enabling others to flourish in their business and communities.

Our Vision and Values

Appius Lawyers assists client to achieve what they cannot do alone. We look to create a community of clients who benefit from their interactions with Appius and each other.

Appius Lawyers value open and honest communication, focus and commitment towards shared goals.

Our Offices

Unit 4, 19 Mumford Place BALCATTA Western Australia.

We have offices we service by appointment in Joondalup and Fremantle.

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