Commercial Litigation

The goal in any commercial dispute is to resolve it as quickly as possible and allow you to get back to your business. If you find that litigation is required, or litigation has been commenced against you, then you need certainty: certainty as to your legal position in the dispute; and certainty as to the best course of action to achieve your objectives and get back to your business.

Appius Lawyers undertake a consistent process that will give you as much certainty as possible and, based on your needs, give you a plan of action to allow you to return to your business as soon as possible.

Debt Recovery

If you have provided a product or service and have yet to be paid for the product or service, contact Appius Lawyers and we can assist you in recovering the debt.

Family Law

Our services include, children and parenting orders, property division, spousal maintenance, restraining orders and divorce.

The precise work that will need to be carried out and the cost in family law proceedings, like any other court proceedings is difficult to predict, however, to ease the financial pain on client’s, we offer a number of our services on a fixed price basis, including, divorce applications and consent orders.

If you wish to discuss what we can offer, please contact us to discuss your matter and how we can be of assistance.

Criminal Defence

Appius Lawyers can assist you with all manner of offences, from letters of advice, court mentions, bail application to trials and sentencings under both State and Commonwealth legislation.

We do accept Legal Aid Grants.

Contract Review & Dispute Resolution

If you are about to enter an agreement, contract, deed or alike, Appius Lawyers can, for a fixed fee:

  • review your contract;
  • provide you with oral advice on the important clauses; and
  • suggest amendments that may be more favourable in your circumstances.

Written advice on these matters will incur an additional fee, subject to the length of the document.

Wills & Probate

Home Made Wills are a curse – Master Sanderson

Without a properly drafted Will you cannot dictate how your assets are distributed upon your death. Without a Will your estate will be distributed according to the Administration Act (WA) (Act) and under this Act your assets will be distributed to your closest living relatives in prescribed shares.

In addition under a Will, unlike the Act, you may leave assets to non-relatives, charities and organisation.

Contact Appius to discuss your needs and requirements to ensure your family is looked after and your financial and other affairs are seen to, according to your wishes, upon your death.

Sale of Business & Franchising

The sale or purchase of a business requires a great deal of care and skill to ensure that you protect yourself, as a seller, and that you know what you are getting into, as a purchaser. Appius Lawyers assists with both the buying and selling of a business to ensure that the transaction proceeds as smoothly as possible.

Franchising is a good option for both Franchisors and Franchisees. For Franchisors, if you have a good: business system of operation; product; or recipe, you can license that system, product or recipe to a Franchisee, who pays a fee and has an interest in the expansion of your business. Both parties are then able to work together for mutual benefit. As a Franchisee you have the benefit of a proven system, product or recipe, and support to operate your new business.

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