The Experience of a Practical Legal Trainee

The Do’s and Don’ts as a PLT By Hylus McEwan (Law Graduate) Having recently completed my practical legal training (‘PLT’), I would like to share some thoughts for those about to embark on their legal career. After finishing law school, PLT is the last stop before being admitted, and in the work experience component, you […]

Why Engage A Lawyer

A man who is his own lawyer has a fool for a client The Flowers of Wit, or a choice collection of bon mot By Henry Kett 1814. In Duckworth -v- The State of Western Australia [No 4] [2018] WASCA 2 Chief Justice Martin made the following comments about self-represented litigants and appeals in convictions […]

Home Invasion and Defending Your Self

Defence against Home Invader applicable in circumstance of a Domestic Violence Incident –The Criminal Code (WA) Section 244 As the law currently stands a resident (“the Occupant”) can use any force they deem reasonable against a person the Occupant believes is, has or intends to commit an offence in a dwelling, even if the offender […]

Adequate Provision for Adult Child from Deceased Estate

When an adult child is seeking orders under section 6 of the Family Provision Act 1972 (WA) that adequate provision be made out of the estate of a deceased parent for the proper maintenance, support education and advancement of life, the court in Mills -v- Piller [2017] WASC 45 made the following observations: General Principles […]