Lawyers, The People That You Didn’t Think You Needed

A lawyer is not someone you think you need, unless there is a dispute that you cannot resolve on your own. It is, however, the case that a business with an in-house lawyer has a big advantage to a business without one. Daily, everyone in society interacts with the law. Law defines the bounds of […]

Why Have Risk Management

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!” – Benjamin Franklin – In relation to Risk Management for any business, big or small, a failure to have risk management plans in place, as part of the management plan or corporate governance framework, is going to have an adverse effect on your business. When […]

Why Have a Will

Home made wills are a curse. Occasionally where the assets of a testator are limited and where the beneficiaries are not in dispute no difficulties may arise in the administration of an estate. Flaws in the will can be glossed over and the interests of all parties can be reconciled. But where, as here, the […]